Welcome to my blog! I am not much for following the new fads, but I do have a lot to say so I figure this would be a great medium to disperse my thoughts into the world. Depending on my schedule, I am going to try to write about a different topic each day. Topics will range from news stories to whatever the heck pops into my head on a given day, and believe me a lot of stuff pops into this head. I hope you enjoy a look at the world according to me…

Friday, January 18, 2013


Here we are again, in the AFC Championship game, one year later. This is a great place for our team to be and no matter who wins it is certainly an achievement to be here. We all know that the Patriots defense was a little shaky at the start of this season. I admit, it had me a bit worried. But with great defensive players like Ninkovich, Jones, Mayo, Dennard and the ever present Wilfork, we have vastly improved and now have a great defense to accompany our always marvelous offense. This Sunday's game will be a tough match and may cause mini heart attacks throughout. My prediction is Pats will win 34-27. Grab a beer and enjoy the game!

Current Events 1/18/13

Well those of you who live in Massachusetts must have heard the Governor proposing the raising of our taxes. I have already written to my State Rep and voiced my strong oppositions to those proposals and some ideas on ways to obtain the necessary funds by cutting spending. Below are a few excerpts from what I wrote:
"As a commonwealth, as a country, we are just beginning to see the light of day from the dark recession that we all experienced over the last few years. The Massachusetts unemployment rate is still 6.7%. Homeowners are still trying to recover from the foreclosures, short sales, low home values and slow real estate transactions which have reduced our property values but done nothing to reduce our mortgage principals."

"This is the very beginning of the time for growth, optimism and re-building. This is not the time to drown everyone in high taxes. We need to cut spending, evaluate our system, and then re-evaluate it again and again until we have a clear list of areas from which we can cut needless spending and eliminate loopholes."

"The piece of the Governor’s proposal that I support is the increased funding for education. We all know that education is essential to the growth of our community, and that a well-educated society is a more productive society."

"A large part of the reason that the MBTA is failing is due to the exorbitant amount of benefits it provides to its employees. Taxpayer dollars should never be used to provide ‘luxury benefits’ to state employees."

"The Welfare system needs to be completely reviewed and revamped. The fact that EBT cards can be used at nail salons and jewelry stores is insulting to the hard-working, taxpaying residents of this state."

Politics is boring and often scandalous and corrupt, but it is a necessary part of our society. I urge everyone to email your Representative and let them know your opinion on any issue, these issues affect all of us. I promise my next blog will not involve politics, it will concern football...Go Pats!

I'm Back!!

Hello All,
I decided to get back to blogging and share my thoughts on current events and everything else that may pop into my head. Thank you for reading and I appreciate any comments or feedback you might have for me.